photography using a light tent

light tent - sweet peppersStill Life Photography

When photographing small (smallish) objects in a still life type setup, it’s important to control the light and the background. A light box allows you to do just that. They’re relatively cheap, like the ones shown here light tent photography And used properly they will make your images pop out.

light tent - diamondlight tent advantages

The main reason for using a light tent is to control the background. You want your object to be the main focal point of the image and to stand out. With nothing in the background competing with the main element in the photograph, it takes center stage and dominates the viewers attention. A light tent set up correctly, will make the background disappear and get it out of the image as it were. And this is a very effect we’re trying to achieve.

Controlling light is also an important requirement. We want to light our object in a way that’s flattering and that doesn’t cause hard lighting. Or on a shiny object, to many distracting reflections. Light boxes will have translucent sides which allow light to pass but softens it on the way through. We can use both sides of the light box for this and this allows us to work with a perfect modelling light.

light tent - diamondGet more creative with your Light Tent

Although very easy to setup and simple to use, you’re not limited to just one type of image. You can do all sorts of creative things with extra lights, light modifiers and reflectors. The main purpose here is that you control the way your object/model is lit. The light tent helps you in that quest and takes you to a higher level in your photography.

The great thing with photography these days is that there are no mistakes. You can shoot, analyze, tweak then shoot again. A good photograph is when your satisfied with the final image. Your in control.

Light tent basics

Getting the most out of a light tent

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