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Our bodies and minds need goodness. When your mind is in a good place and you’re eating the right foods, then there’s a general state of well-being. This state is important because it allows the doctor within, to go to work and to keep you in good health.

It’s not an easy thing to pull off there are lots of stressful events in everyone’s lives. So we just have to learn how to manage them.

There’s a school of thought that now believes a little bit of stress is not such a bad thing and may actually keep you healthy, in a perverse sort of way.

balancing stones

Because it’s all really about balance. You must out heard the saying “too much of a good thing isn’t a good thing at all”. It looks increasing likely that as well as the good things, the healthy options, you do need a dose of the bad things to achieve that balance.

So things that we’ve now considered as no-goes such as fats, sugars, alcohol are all okay in small doses. Small being the important point here.

What you do want to avoid as much as possible is processed foods. Additives are added to food which are tested individually, to ensure they’re okay for human consumption. But we eat lots of processed foods (anything in packets that is) so we get a huge variety of additives all mixed together and no one knows if these additives become harmful when used together inside of us.

hot air ballons

However natural food ingredients are okay, you don’t need to out think your body. Your body will take charge of your health, because your body’s a survival machine and has been keeping your ancestors alive for millions of years. It knows what to do.

That’s why diets rarely work, long term. When you diet your body responds to the drop in calories and will reduce the number of calories it burns. It effectively goes into starvation mode and stores anything you might eat as fat reserves. It’s going to keep you alive because it doesn’t know you want to look great on the beach.

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