best 8 person tent

The majestic valley wood blossom

Camping Last Year

Last year was our fifth year camping. Our family just loves going into the wilderness for two weeks each year and some weekends in late spring. The walks and the climbs and the spectacular scenery. All make it a wonderful shared experience and everyone gets something from it.

But I especially love the evenings when we’re back at camp. There’s a big fire going and we’re all wrapped up telling stories, singing songs, playing games. I make sure everyone joins in and as evening turns to night and the children are getting all sleepy. We put them in their little sleeping bags, tucked up nice and warm.

Day break, is always a surprise and it’s always nice to see what the day has install, a misty morning a bright sunny day or rain. Rain is something you have to be prepared for when you venture outside on a camping trip. It’s part of the fun, well not really fun, but you know what I mean. You just have to take more care as trails get muddy and slippery.

Taking it all in

The Camping Party

Our party consists of me and my husband, our two children and the grandparents, my mother and father. And it’s nice for all of us to spend to spend this sort of time together as we live in different places and visits tend to be of drive-through types. So these family getaways are all the more special to us.

But, with our two girls getting bigger the old tent has to be retired. That six person tent, idea five years ago is getting a bit cramped now. So we’re upgrading it next year to an eight person tent like the ones you can see here eight person tent That will give us just the right amount of space but still be quite manageable when assembling it and taking it down again.

The best 8 person tents also have zip-able rooms which are all the more important as the girls grow up. It means we, they and the grandparents all get some privacy.

Pitching a tent

Taking down a tent

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