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best 8 person tent

  Camping Last Year Last year was our fifth year camping. Our family just loves going into the wilderness for two weeks each year and some weekends in late spring. The walks and the climbs and the spectacular scenery. All make it a wonderful shared experience and everyone gets something from it. But I especially […]

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photography using a light tent

Still Life Photography When photographing small (smallish) objects in a still life type setup, it’s important to control the light and the background. A light box allows you to do just that. They’re relatively cheap, like the ones shown here light tent photography And used properly they will make your images pop out. light tent […]

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Body and Soul

Our Inner Space Our bodies and minds need goodness. When your mind is in a good place and you’re eating the right foods, then there’s a general state of well-being. This state is important because it allows the doctor within, to go to work and to keep you in good health. It’s not an easy […]

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